Perform Systematic Literature Reviews

Performing a systematic literature review is a labor-intensive task that requires a huge amount of work from the researcher. Parsifal will help you planning, conducting and reporting the review.

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Support for geographically distributed researchers

Parsifal is a powerful platform that provides full support for researchers geographically distributed to work on the same Systematic Literature Review. There is no limit of authors per review.

Publish extra information

Normally you can't publish all relevant information about the research as frequently there is a limit amount of pages to publish your article on a certain conference or journal. Parsifal provides you a beautiful interface to publish any extra information like the whole result from the search string, all modifications of the search string, more details about the protocol, etc.

Support for tertiary studies

Having a huge amount of Systematic Literature Reviews in the platform, it will provide a powerful support for tertiary studies, that is, systematic literature review of secondary studies.