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New review co-author invitation feature

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Sun 12 Sep 2021

We released today a new interface to invite co-authors to collaborate on a systematic literature review.

To invite collaborators go to your review, click on "Review Settings" and visit the menu "Manage Access".

Invite co-authors

You may select directly people that you are currently following on Parsifal, or if the person doesn't have a Parsifal account yet, just inform the email address then we will send an invitation via email.

You can now easily copy and paste the invitation codes as well to share with your colleagues via instant messaging or any other medium.

During the week we also release several improvements and bugfixes:

  • Improved the performance of the quality assessment screen when dealing with many papers
  • Improved the performance of the data extraction screen when dealing with many papers
  • Fixed a bug on the study selection screen where the user could not move to next article

Server maintenance completed

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Sun 05 Sep 2021

We completed the server maintenance, and we are back online. Thanks for your patience.

With today's update, we installed security patches and released several bug fixes. The Parsifal application is now running on the latest Python and Django versions which will enable the release of new features and make things easier for new contributors.

We also released a minor improvement on the login page. Now you can log in using either your username or email address.

Scheduled maintenance

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Mon 30 Aug 2021

On September 05, 2021, at 3 am UTC we will perform a server upgrade. We expect to be back online around 4 am UTC.

Minor downtime

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Mon 23 Aug 2021

We had a minor downtime on Sunday, August 22 due to some issues related to our domain and DNS servers. The service has been restored and there was no data loss. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Minor updates

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Fri 08 Feb 2019

Today we are releasing a bugfix on the transfer of ownership of reviews. You can access Review -> Settings and Transfer Ownership.

The transfer is done by informing the username of the person you want to transfer the review to. After completing the transfer the previous owner will remain as a co author.

Data Extraction Export

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Tue 06 Sep 2016

Today we've released two minor updates on Parsifal.

Data Extraction: Now you can export all the data from the data extraction form. For now the export is only available in Excel format.

Also two minor improvements in the study selection: The "year" field was moved up to be closer to the article's Title and Abstract. And a clickable link was added based on the article's URL.

Kind regards,

Minor updates

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Mon 05 Oct 2015

Today we've released two minor updates on Parsifal.

From now on, you will be able to import a BibTeX file just pasting the raw content, without having to upload the file. Of course the file import is still available.

The second update is regarding the selection criteria used during the article selection phase, from now on you can save which one was used to accept or reject an article.

Vitor Freitas

Email account privacy

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Fri 14 Aug 2015

The primary email account is no longer displayed in your Parsifal public profile. For security reasons and to avoid spam, the email associated with your account is no longer publicly available.

If you want to display a contact email address, it can be updated accessing Account Settings / Profile.

Vitor Freitas

New features and minor bugfixes

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Mon 10 Aug 2015

Today we released a small patch with some minor updates on Parsifal.

The Keywords and Synonyms section in the Review Planning was totally redesigned to offer a better user experience.

Exporting functionality was added to the tool, accessing Reporting tab inside a review. For now, the only supported file extension is .docx. We plan to offer more file types and data on the next weeks.

We also released a small bugfix related to bibtex import.

A few updates

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Thu 09 Jul 2015

Hello everyone,

Today we released a small update, most of the changes can be seen in the Planning tab of a systematic review. From now on it is possible to re-order the Research Questions, Quality Assessment Questions and the Data Extraction Form Fields.

Also the Planning tab received a small redesign: all its content was divided into three tabs: Protocol, Quality Assessment Checklist, Data Extraction Form.

Help articles

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Wed 24 Jun 2015

From now on we are gonna start posting help articles in the help section with the most asked questions.

Today we posted our very first article, about how to create a quality assessment checklist using Parsifal.

Go there and have a look! If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism please send it to

Vitor Freitas

Parsifal update: extra fields on Article objects

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Tue 23 Jun 2015

Today we expanded the articles and references support during the conducting phase. From now the Article object model (imported from .bibtex files) have a few more fields:

  • DOI
  • URL
  • Affiliation
  • Author Keywords
  • Keywords
  • Publisher
  • ISSN
  • Language
  • Note

Vitor Freitas

Unexpected maintenance, minor downtime

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Tue 23 Jun 2015

Today we had to perform an unexpected maintenance on our servers. Some users might have experienced a minor downtime.

The services are back to the normal. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Search Scopus' and ScienceDirect's databases through Parsifal

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Sun 21 Jun 2015

Hello fellows,

Today we are introducing some great new features on Parsifal. We are working on a integration with Elsevier's databases, meaning for now on you will be able to execute your search string directly on Scopus' and ScienceDirect's databases. This is an important step into making the whole process more systematic and creating and richer environment for you.

Watch below a demonstration of the new feature:

By now, it is a preview of the feature. We are working on a more deeper integration so you will be able to import the search result seamlessly.

Vitor Freitas


Posted by Vitor Freitas at Wed 17 Jun 2015

Today we released a patch addressing two minor bugs in the Parsifal application. First we corrected the issue where the user would lose the reference to the imported articles after renaming an existing Source.

The second bug fixed with this patch was an unexpected application crash after trying to load the Quality Assessment tab during the Conducting phase, caused by bad unicode string interpolation.

Vitor Freitas

New user interface

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Mon 15 Jun 2015

Hello researchers!

Today we are launching Parsifal's new user interface. For now it is just a better layout, you should not expect any big change of the tool functionalities.

Nonetheless, we have big plans for the tool. We are currently working on several new features that will certainly make your life easier while conducting a SLR :).

Your feedback is important to us! Please send us suggestions, criticisms and ideas to make Parsifal a better tool. Our contact email address is

Good researches for everyone!
Vitor Freitas

Security updates

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Thu 11 Jun 2015

Today we've made some security improvements on Parsifal.

From now on the whole usage of the tool will happen through HTTPS. That means a more secure environment for your research.

We take the safety of your data seriously and we will keep working hard to deliver more improvements of our environment.

Stay safe!
Vitor Freitas

Minor bugfixes

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Mon 01 Sep 2014

Today we released a small bugfix. The Conducting tab were displaying the wrong number of imported articles per source.

Review Planning Changes

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Mon 07 Apr 2014

Starting today you will notice some changes in the Planning tab. We divided the Questions section into two new sections: Research Questions and PICOC.

The Search String section was removed from Conducting tab and added in the Planning tab.

To simplify the process of importing references, a new tab has been added inside the Conducting tab. It's called Import Studies, and there you can import bibtex files separated by source.

Welcome to Parsifal

Posted by Vitor Freitas at Wed 26 Mar 2014

Hello everyone,

Parsifal is a tool to assist researchers to perform systematic literature reviews.

By now, you should be able to create and maintain systematic literature reviews using our plataform. Parsifal will help you Planning, Conducting and Reporting your review.

Please note that we are on a beta version, so a few bugs might be expected. If you have any questions, critique or suggestions, please send us an email to

Have a great time on Parsifal!